A general look at crafting

I wanted to get this post up several days ago, but I’ve found myself tied up doing two things, other than my usual ‘RL’ commitments. One, posting on the Fallen Earth forums, and two, playing Fallen Earth and posting on the forums.

At a very early stage I decided that I did not want to progress much further with the mission content in Midway, my chosen starter town, until I had understood the the trade skills and crafting fully. Therefore I very patiently spent as much time as possible (several hours in the end) visiting trainers, merchants, gathering resources and actually trying my own hand at crafting.

As I’ve said in my first couple of blog entries, practically everything that you pick up in the game can be used for crafting, and after investigating all the various trade skills, that is certainly true. There is very little to throw away as vendor trash.

There are ten trade skills that you can level up  in Fallen Earth, which cannot be boosted using Attribute Points. The more you are active with a particular trade skill, the higher level of proficiency you’ll be with it. The ten trade skills are:

  • Armorcraft – Make different types of armour/clothing
  • Ballistics – Produce ranged weapons and ammunition.
  • Cooking – Prepare food & drinks that help to restore or buff you.
  • Geology – Mine copper, lead, iron, silver, aluminium and chemicals.
  • Medicine – Craft supplies that provide healing/buffs/resistances.
  • Mutagenics – Develop injectors and other items to boost mutations.
  • Nature – Use flora and fauna to provide buffs, potions and poisons.
  • Scavenging * – Collect crafting materials from piles of rubbish/srcap.
  • Science – Make chemicals, dyes, machinery and scientific equipment.
  • Weaponry – Manufacture melee weapons to bludgeon your foe with.

* This trade skill is only levelled through searching Scavenge Nodes, and you cannot craft items to raise this skill.

The crafting system in Fallen Earth is very deep, and wide ranging. Practically everything that you are able to use in the game can be crafted by a player. If you pick up a Zip Gun off a NPC mob, you can craft it. If you get a can of soda off a vendor NPC, you can craft it. Everything, ranging from ammunition to armour, medical supplies to food buffs can be made by YOU, the player.

The Scavenging, Nature and Geology trade skills will level up the quickest, as you’re using them to interact with the various nodes in the world. Out of the three, Nature is the tradeskill that allows you to craft other items, such as horses for example. Which is a point worth mentioning.

In Fallen Earth, you can craft your own mount at level two, and do it cheaper than buying one straight from the horse merchant.

For each of the trade skills, you need a ‘kit’ that allows you to be active in that trade skill. They are initially ‘Starter’ kits, but you can buy ‘Basic’ kits for each of the trade skills off vendors that you see early in the game. Naturally higher kits are available as the game progresses, and as you may of guessed, the level of the kit relates to the level of the item you can produce.

If you would like to be able to make these kits yourself, you can! Just purchase the schematics off the relevant vendor, find the materials you need, and craft away! The same goes for the Weaponry, Ballistics, Armourcraft, Veterinary and Vehicle repair kits; just buy the schematics and you can craft them.

In order to increase your knowledge of what you can craft, you purchase crafting books from the various vendors that fall into the categories I listed earlier in the post. For example, you may want to make Crossbows. So, you just visit a Ballistics Trainer, purchase the Crossbow book and you’ll find in your crafting interface, you’ve now got the knowledge to make them along with a list of materials you’ll need.

What I find interesting is that you once you have the knowledge granted to you by a particular skill book, you can even craft the book itself for others to use.  Say you purchase and use Gloves 1. You can then craft that knowledge book  for a friend or fellow clan member to use;  absolutely marvellous!

At this point it really is just a case of ensuring that you have the trade skill kit, the knowledge to craft the item and the materials you need, and then click to proceed. The interesting thing with Fallen Earth crafting is that you don’t have to stand still in order to craft, something many other MMO’s force you to do. Instead, you can go about your business as usual, running missions, shopping at the vendors or jumping up and down on the spot several hundred times if that is your thing!

Crafting items does take longer in Fallen Earth than in other games. There are crafting times varying between thirty seconds and several hours depending on the item you are producing, however, as crafting continues for you when you are offline you can kick off a long crafting queue before dinner and come back to it a couple of hours later. This is a very useful feature and is a reward for the time you’ve spent looking for your crafting materials.

One thing you can do to speed up the crafting process is stand in a ‘crafting station’, which shaves seconds/minutes off the advertised time the item(s) should take. These stations are marked on the map with the trade skill icon, so if you’re crafting a large supply of bandages and you see the medical trade skill symbol on your map you can stand inside that building/space and get a crafting time bonus. This is entirely up to you although in my experience so far, I’ve only stayed in a crafting station when I’ve been able to to AFK or generally do other things.

As you craft, the trade skill in question will progress and you can view this progress in your skills menu. You cannot put AP’s into trade skills, they advance by usage only however you can increase your character stats to increase the trade skill caps enabling you to craft better items.

Finally, you are able to break down weapons and armour that you have found in the world or crafted yourself, turning them back into their base crafting materials. This is done via Salvaging, available by right clicking on an item in your inventory and selecting it from the menu. The rule is that you can only Salvage items that are below or equal to the trade skill level you’re at. For example, if you have Ballistics at 50 you can Salvage a level 46 Rifle, but not a level 52 Pistol.

That concludes this look at crafting. I may produce a video blog at some point covering the process; I’ll see what time I have spare.

Have a safe and prosperous day, wherever you are in the province.



4 Responses

  1. An excellent, and comprehensive article. Having just started the open beta, information like this is excellent, thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  2. Thanks Paul! Anything not in the overview that you wanted to know? I’ll happily add to it.

  3. Wonderful! A video tutorial would be extremely helpful. Keep up the good work. Added Fallen Earth Bloggers to my blogroll.

  4. Very clear! thanks so much. Now, if you could just write a guide telling me where to find everything… oh, well, it’s a pretty world as I look for Weak Adhesive and paper

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