Bekka The Mechanic

I’ve decided to start making sure I’m ready to go to Sector 2 as soon as my skills and level are high enough. To that end, I decided to do the rest of the ATV quest.

With the frame already done in Embry Crossroads and the engine just finished in Oilville, my next stop was a return to Odenville to get the control system done.

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M.I.A no more

Baltar here folks, just a quick update to say that I’ve been in a bit of a transitional period with moving to University, and with all my clan related antics, I’ve just been too busy to dump my Fallen Earth related brain food into Fallen Earth Bloggers.

All credit to Bekka for her superb efforts so far, hoping to be catching up and posting several things over the coming days as I get back online and in game after a week without interwebs.

Moving On

So, I did return to the toy tire mission once more before I went to bed. Even though there were still some spawncampers present even at 2:15am est, I managed to get my salvage and complete the mission.

Even with that mission done, I was still crashing repeatedly in Embry Crossroads, pretty much every time I hit the edges of the actual town on my horse. Since I didn’t seem to be getting anything useful there that I hadn’t already gotten in South Burb or Odenville, I decided it was time to start skilling up my combat-related abilities and headed back to my beta starting town, Depot 66.

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Now I’m Starting To Get Annoyed: Extreme Spawncamping

Unbelievable. Since I drew the toy tire mission in Embry I haven’t been able to finish it. It’s not because there’s a bug. I’ve devoted plenty of time and effort to the cause so it’s not from lack of desire or lack of trying. No, the reason why I can’t finish the mission is the area is so overcrowded with spawncampers it’s next to impossible to get the scavenge you need to finish the mission.

Three times I logged on and spent several minutes trying to gather some scavenge only to be beaten out by others who are closer or faster, three times I gave up in frustration. I’ll try one more time before I go to bed but right now I have to say I am not a happy camper.

For me, there is nothing more annoying in an MMO than this. If this is how FE is going to be, I may have to rethink my ongoing participation in this game.

A Tough Day In The Wasteland

I’m not sure if it’s FE itself (it is, after all, Saturday afternoon, primetime for MMO gaming) or my Internet connection, but I’ve been losing connection just after entering the game all day. Logging in originally took about about half an hour of repeated tries, then once I was in I would get a “Connection has been lost” popup usually about five minutes afterward.

This is particularly annoying today because I’d just teamed up with fellow Saint Crofton Taylor to take on a mission in the mine near Odenville. Twice we teamed, twice we played for about five minutes before I got the lost connection popup and had to exit.

After the third time in a row, I finally gave up and started writing this post.

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Notes From The Wasteland: I Am The Wanderer…

…I roam around and around and around…

In the last couple of days I’ve been crisscrossing the southern parts of Sector 1. Somehow from Mumford I ended up in Embry Crossroads then Oilville then back to Embry…you get the idea. Basically I’m just doing missions, collecting books, building my toon up. It’s nice to have Clan chat available now too, tho I have to remember to check it. I had the same problem when I used to play Eve. I’d get so into the game I’d totally ignore the chat window for long stretches.

It’s very late here on the east coast, 4:00am as I write this. Normally at this hour if I were up I’d probably jump into FE (as I’ve done before during previous bouts of insomnia). I can’t do that though tonight, though.

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I Would Be In-Game Right Now…

…but I’m not, and there’s a reason for that.

After finishing up South Burb last night, I made a stop in Oilville (more on that later) and then I moved on toward Mumford. In one of my first Mumford missions, I needed to take out some Big Canyon Lizards. Heading out to the indicated area, I was able to take out one I just stumbled into as I arrived, but then a second killing became effectively impossible as other players on horses with shotguns instantly killed any targets within a few seconds of spawning. After about ten minutes of running around but not even being able to get off so much as a single shot at an active target I logged out and started writing this post.

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