Now I’m Starting To Get Annoyed: Extreme Spawncamping

Unbelievable. Since I drew the toy tire mission in Embry I haven’t been able to finish it. It’s not because there’s a bug. I’ve devoted plenty of time and effort to the cause so it’s not from lack of desire or lack of trying. No, the reason why I can’t finish the mission is the area is so overcrowded with spawncampers it’s next to impossible to get the scavenge you need to finish the mission.

Three times I logged on and spent several minutes trying to gather some scavenge only to be beaten out by others who are closer or faster, three times I gave up in frustration. I’ll try one more time before I go to bed but right now I have to say I am not a happy camper.

For me, there is nothing more annoying in an MMO than this. If this is how FE is going to be, I may have to rethink my ongoing participation in this game.


4 Responses

  1. don’t be mad since toy tires can be (I hope anyway) trade see if anyone who you know who is doing the quest have spares

  2. I solved the issue another way, Aika, and I’ll talk about that in the post I’m about to write. Still, this is an ongoing issue and one I believe will have to be dealt with sooner or later.

  3. Fortunately, the Toy Tires mission is the only really badly camped site I have ever encountered (up to sector 2 now). On that note, Toy tires can be bought, so the issue isn’t really so pressing.

  4. Just buy them …

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