Kingman Prison – Downing Casta Gaunt with the Wolves

The other night I was doing missions in and around Old Kingman, when the howl came out from my fellow wolves to assist in the felling of Casta Gaunt, the master up in Old Kingman Prison. (By the way, I’m in the Vista clan, Wolves of War)

kingman prison
So I naturally joined up, since group combat has come to be one of my favorite things to do in FE and I’d run this before. All together 7 wolves assembled to venture into the prison, lvls ranging from 13-15. We waited a good 30 minutes for everyone to get ready, inventory cleared, ammo and armor kits stocked, etc. We were, perhaps, overly cautious in the beginning, methodically making our way up the hill to the prison in a tight pack, while picking off hostiles. Having run Casta before, I was not too concerned and went running about on my horse picking up scavenge, but I wouldn’t dare decry strategic discipline that would help us survive within. And I do believe this beginning to end discipline & patience is why we were so successful, with only 3 deaths, one on each boss.

Once we reached the top, there was some confusion as to where the instance entrance was so I naturally began leading the way. We made it in without a hitch and made our way through the lesser hostiles quickly and efficiently. Interestingly, most of us are ranged so the shooting gallery feel of pulls was pwntastic.

1st boss: Electrocutioner
We pulled him, with a barrage of bullets of bolts, into the middle room of cells, then the melee started wailing into him. Aggro was bouncing between ranged and melee pretty evenly until one of our melee got hit one to many times. The boss was near death so we downed hime before he could snuff out another melee.

2nd boss: Grinder
Split into two groups with each group standing at opposite ends of the partition. Designate one person to pull the outermost mob and then engage the waves that come swarming through the doors. I think there was about 4 dual waves. Each group should pick up their respective door. Once the waves stop the boss will aggro. Try and let ranged dmg keep aggro so you can kite him around. Melee will be owned swiftly if they pick up aggro. Wear him down, keep your team healed and you will prevail. Roll for your phat lewt of nada and then head back up stairs, but not all the way. The door in the alcove to the left is Casta’s.

Final boss: Casta Gaunt
Have your ranged pick off the mobs on the way up the stairs as they aren’t linked and are easy targets. Once you near the top just charge in at him, again try and keep the aggro bouncing between ranged or melee will start dropping quickly. Key here is to stay out of each other’s LoS to maximize dps. He generally will patrol a bit and if your getting pwnt, break LoS with him and he should break off his fire. This guy takes a long time to take down so be patient and watch your health. Headshots ftw.

More non-existent phat lewt, but hey at least you get a bad ass cemented pole. Drop down the hole at the bottom of the room and climb out to the blistering sun of the wastelands.

Here’s of pic of the Wolves after downing the bastard on the first try.Casta gaunt dead
See you in the wastes.

Also, just to clear up any lingering confusion: Teammates recieve zero dmg from friendly fire in instances, but still block all damage. In PVP zones, friendly fire kills.


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  1. Nice sound like a badass guild!

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