I Want My ATV!

It’s raining hard, Irene is due to arrive full force in a couple of hours, and I’ve been spending the evening playing Fallen Earth. Once I figured out where I was in the game, I decided that the first thing I’d do during my free seven days is finish the ATV quest. What I discovered when I tried to do this, though, really pissed me off.

I already had all the parts and  knowledges I needed except for the last couple. When I went to try to finish it off I found that I could no longer get the last couple knowledges I needed by completing the original quest, I had to go back to Embry and start an entirely new quest chain. This took me a while to discover, but once I did I got through most of it until I reached the part where I have to meet Lonnie Parker at the Night Wolf camp. I tried this a few times with the gear I had but kept getting my ass kicked pretty quickly, so I decided it was time to upgrade my weapons before trying again.

I made myself a pair of G-17 .357 Hunting Revolvers to replace my G-15’s and then got started on making some ammo. That’s got about 10 minutes left to finish as I write this, and if Irene hasn’t cut our power by then I’ll probably give it another try with my new toys before I go to bed. I dunno…right now, it’s not so bad out there, but the worst is yet to come and so I may just decide that discretion is the better part of valor and shut down my PC if it looks like it’s the smart thing to do.

One thing that was really annoying was that when you die doing this quest you get an on-screen message that tells you to go back to the waypoint to restart the mission. Silly out-of-practice me, I thought that meant go back to the Night Wolf camp but what it really means is go back to Lonnie Parker. I figured this out pretty quickly, but a total newb probably wouldn’t. They really need to make those messages easier to understand.

So, I think I’ll end this post and check in on my ammo crafting and the latest hurricane news. More tomorrow, assuming we still have power here in New Jersey.



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  1. I have tried with rifle, spear, on and off of horseback, coming in from the hill, coming in from behind the scavengers… I just cant take four, “Headbangers,” at once. I even dipped into emergency APs and upped Str. and Pow. I can only take two with me as I fall.

    As a die hard soloist, I may have to break down and ask for help.

    InGameName -Hayha

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