Seeing The Forest For The Trees

So today, for my first decent length session with Fallen Earth since the magic account fairy left me back in early September, I decided to take a ride into Sector 3 and check out Kaibab Forest.

Soon after I entered Sector 3, I knew I wasn’t going to be staying long. For one thing, everything there needed a higher scavenging skill than I currently have so about the only thing I could do there was buy gas and look at the scenery. I made it as far as Banker’s Hole before I decided to turn around and head back to Sector 2. On the way back I stopped in Blaine, or at least I tried to anyway. About the only thing that excursion got me was a quick trip to the local Lifenet pod, where I was able to add it to my fast travel destinations. Interestingly, I noticed that I’ve apparently lost Watchtower and a few destinations I’d added before the game went free-to-play so I guess I’ll be making another trip back into Sector 1 sometime soon.

I headed back southward toward Credit Bend and Fracture, did few missions in and around Fracture while carefully keeping an eye on my faction levels as I want to remain primarily a Traveler. I’m currently finishing up one more Fracture mission and then it’s off to Picus Ridge to do some stuff for the Techs, where my faction rating is much lower.

I tried going to The Gallows to do the first conflict town mission but quickly discovered that I’m really just not ready for PvP yet, so I quickly put that to the side for now. I’ll try again once I’ve gained a few more levels and upped some more skills and attributes. And hey, I even set up some Heavy Rifle Ammo to craft. Of course, that was pretty easy this time as I had the foresight to make some Heavy Gunpowder back in September. What I still don’t know is how easy that’s going to be once my supply runs out and I have to start doing it completely from scratch again.

Anyway, it’s getting late so I think I’m going to jump back in-game for a while before I hit the sack.

More soon.


2 Responses

  1. Saw you in-game! My first example of community, I suppose.

    Please, keep up the great blog.

  2. Awesome! Say hi next time! Thanks for the kind words, and hey please keep commenting if you’re inspired to. I want to get some discussion going here!

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