I’m officially a member of the Drifters now, which is a very cool thing. Seems like a pretty great bunch of folks and I’m excited about being in a clan for the first time since I returned to to the game. We’re going to have our first new contributor any time now (when he publishes his first post) and I’m certainly looking forward to that. Don’t forget that if you want to become a contributor here, just drop me an email at bekkajai@gmail.com and I’ll get you set up. Anything and everything relevant to FE is welcome.


Today was a very post-apocalyptic day. I did some missions and scavenging in and around The Dump and Windfarm and afterward a couple of missions in Blaine I’d missed the first time around to get myself up to level 30. During all that though, I decided to log out a couple of times and watch The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome while I was waiting for some crafting to finish. I swear, FE should have some kind of Thunderdome-style PvP event. After all, it’s not like there aren’t a lot of things in this game very reminiscent of or even directly taken from the Mad Max movies so that should certainly not be a issue. I can hear the chants now, “Two clones enter, one clone leaves! Two clones enter, one clone leaves!”. I think they could probably leave out the gyrocopters though.

Along the same lines, I would like to see some deeper, more complex storylines explored in this game, though. There’s so much to work with, after all.

I finally hit level 30 about an hour ago as I write this, so tomorrow’s mission will be a trip into Sector 3 to do some missions in Dieseltown. I’ve also started the process of preparing to build a dune buggy. Of course first I have to get the relevant level 2 knowledges done so that’s what I’m working on right now. At the rate I’m going, I think I’ll be ready to actually build the thing in a few days, assuming real life doesn’t intrude and slow me down, which is a very good possibility in a holiday week.

Alright, that’s enough for now, it’s time for bed. Tomorrow, I start Sector 3. Cool beans.


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