The Invisible Gap

I’m level 31 now, pretty much done with Dieseltown, and I’m discovering that with the exception of a couple of repeatable missions there and some in Sector 2, as well as the stuff in the Sector 2 conflict towns I never got around to, I’ve pretty much run out of stuff to do, at least for the moment.

Earlier today, I rode up to Banker’s Hole, the Sector 3 Traveler faction town and the next logical place for me to look for stuff to do, and discovered that there’s really nothing for me there until I hit level 35. On the same run, I also hit Chem Town and found the same thing. Right now, I’m in a Banker’s Hole crafting facility waiting for the engine of my dune buggy to finish, but I plan to make trips to Papermill and Warhall, the two places suggested to me by NPC’s I did stuff for in Dieseltown, before I head back west. I’m hoping I find some stuff to do in those places at my current level, but if not then I think it’s back to Sector 2 for a while to retry some conflict towns I didn’t do too well in a few levels ago, as well as much better and more profitable scavenging.

At this point, my main focus is getting my dune buggy finished. It took a while to get all the knowledges done and I’ve learned through experience that it’s always better to get all of those done first, before I start crafting the actual item, so I don’t have to waste pack space and weight or vault slots lugging around parts that I can’t use until I get all the knowledges done anyway.

It’s kind of weird actually. I really never had this problem in Sector 2, and Sector 1 had so much stuff to do that I doubt I got even two thirds of it done. You’d think there’d be more for a player at my level to do in Sector 3. Well, hopefully it’s there and I just haven’t found it yet. I suppose we’ll see.


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, posting has been a bit light this week, and that’s for the obvious reason, Thanksgiving. Hopefully I’ll have more time to post here over the next few weeks, but no promises. RL’s getting busier and busier with no end in sight for the immediate future. As I’ve said before, light posting doesn’t mean I’ve bailed on FEB, it just means that other things are taking up my time for a while.

This too, shall pass.


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