Moving Right Along

After a busy RL week, I got a chance to play this weekend and took full advantage. I finished off some uncompleted missions, including the one in Aesterly where you have to kill the guy named Deverau. This was kind of interesting as I think I may have inadvertently stolen a kill in order to finally get it done.

I’d decided to approach the mission by trying to kill him from a distance. Doing it close up just wasn’t working. Using my Scoped Rimfire rifle, I took out a few of the guys wandering around the area, then went for the through-the-window shot at Devereau. Just as I fired my first shot, I noticed the tag of another player who fired at Devereau a split second after I did. Between the two of us we kept him in place and dropped him, but I got credit for the kill, I guess because I fired first. I’m not sure if we both get credit for something like that, but I’m not complaining. It’s not like I knowingly tried to steal the kill, but I also wasn’t going to stop firing just because another player just happened to be trying the same thing I was at the same time.

This was after I’d done most of the missions in Blaine earlier. When I turned in the mission in New Flagstaff, the NPC sent me right back to Blaine where I completed that quest chain but was offered nothing new afterward. So, off I went to do some more missions in Burnside. I got several done there, then headed out again to go collect some items required to complete a few more.

Now I’m headed back toward Burnside to try to finish up there. One thing that’s a bit of a pain is that some of the NPC’s in Burnside you have to talk to in order to complete missions only appear at certain times so you have to pretty much basically hang out and wait for them to appear before you can complete the missions and take new ones.  I think I’m almost done with the other missions there, so after that I think I’ll probably head toward The Gallows to finish up there and then go check out other conflict towns.

I’ve also now traded in my Scoped Rimfire for a better rifle I got as a reward for completing a mission, and it’ll be interesting to see how that works for me.


On the FE official forums, I started a thread in which I asked why players can’t make individual pieces of armor invisible but still keep the stats from wearing it, and that apparently gave birth to a second thread on the topic, this one specifically about the new invisible armor being added to the premium shop. This is a basic functionality in most of the MMO’s I’ve played which use vanity armor and even some which don’t. Now it seems that G1 is going to offer invisible armor for a price rather than allowing players to turn the visuals on and off on the stuff we already own. Personally, I think that’s really unfair and amounts to double-dipping, charging players for a functionality that should be basic, especially for already purchased/earned items. It just seems to me that this, like the crafting limit, amounts to placing a price tag on basic game functionality instead of what should reasonably be considered extras, like vanity and convenience items. If the forums are any guide, this is not going to play well with the player base as a whole.

I mean honestly G1, if even money-hungry Sony can give us this functionality for free in DC Universe Online, surely you folks can find a better way to make money on the game than this, can’t you? Give the players a break and give us the full control over our appearances we should have a right to expect, especially when we’ve already paid for it once.


Ok, that’s it for now. More soon.