Holidaze Continued…

As the holiday season continues, I’m finding myself with less time for FE. Two main reasons, but the first is just  the shortage of play time just in  general because I’m so busy in RL. The second reason can be summed up in three words: “Batman: Arkham City”.

This game is fucking great. Period. Dead stop. The graphics are downright awe-inspiring, the gameplay is fun, engaging, and oftentimes very, very satisfying. There’s just something about beating the crap out of seven bad guys at once that can’t help but make you feel like a major badass. Best of all, since the game also features Catwoman with her own set of unique fighting moves you can feel like a major badass regardless of your mood or gender identity.

I’ve barely started the game…last time I checked my stats they said I’d completed all of 3%, but this game just keeps getting better and better. I can’t help but think that this game would make an incredible MMO in terms of playability, but of course the problem with any game like this is that it’s a Batman game so naturally everyone would want to be Batman in it. On the other hand, perhaps they could take the DC Universe route of making the actual comic book superheroes like Batman and Superman unplayable and have the player create their own superhero who will interact with the comic book heroes.

I’m getting off track, but that’s ok. It’s Sunday. I have errands to run, recorded television to watch, dinner to deal with, and video games to play in whatever time might be left over from all that. I need to find about an hour or so of free time so I can take a break from doing the Dieseltown holiday mission chain and set up the next phase of crafting the knowledges I need to build myself an electric motorcycle. Trouble is, finding that hour has been a bit of a challenge lately, and even on the rare occasions I have, that Batman is a very seductive guy.

I dunno, we’ll see…maybe I’ll have something to write about (and time to write about it) later in the week.


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