Catching Up…

In gaming, when you think about it, there’s usually no need for catching up. That is, game time moves forward only when and as the players and the game masters agree that it does. When a player is done playing, their avatar disappears and their progress in the game is basically suspended until they next time that player plays. Other than timed crafting projects and skill trainings, there’s generally nothing that happens specifically to a player’s character (as opposed to their clan) when the player isn’t logged in and playing to see it.

In blogging about gaming, however, there’s very frequently a need to catch up because anyone who’s any good at it spends a lot more time gaming than blogging. So, that said, let’s do that, shall we?

I’ve chosen right now, this moment, to post because I’m at the cusp of a new and hopefully really interesting part of this game. The path to get here though, was not an easy one. I finally cracked level 35 just a few minutes ago. I’d done all the level 30-35 content long ago and toward the end it got to the point where all I was doing was grinding for chips and experience in The Dump and Windfarm in Sector 2 and later just farming Kaibab boar and coyotes for XP near Banker’s Hole in Sector 3.

I know I’ve got plenty of content available now. I returned to Banker’s Hole after dinging level 35 and the whole town is now lit up so green you’d think it was still Xmas. I also know that there’s new level 30-35 content coming in coming updates. That’s a great thing for the future so no one has to grind their way through levels 32-35 anymore. Still, I kinda wish they’d have been a little faster with that one.

I’ve also been riding my newly-crafted Electric Motorcycle. I love it. No more lugging around bulky gasoline, much slower rate of power consumption, faster, more cargo space, handles rough terrain better, far more resistant to damage…when they say “Improved Motorcycle” they actually mean it. Eventually I think I’d like to build an Interceptor, but I need to keep raising my science skill for a while yet before I’m going to be able to do that.

So, that’s where I am. It’s a new year, and I’m about to start a new phase in the game. Very cool. I guess I’ll have to do those 30-35 missions when they come out too. Better late than never.



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