About Fallen Earth Bloggers

This is a community blog for players of the MMORPG ‘Fallen Earth’, a place where they can share their experiences and opinions of the game with other players who may or may not already be playing.

Some may be blogging in character and representing the role-play community, others may be providing feedback and suggestions on how to improve the game.

Either way, this community blog aims to provide existing players and outsiders with a regular dose of Fallen Earth content to enjoy. We encourage all visitors to engage the authors and other readers in civilised discussion by using the comments feature.

NOTE: All posts and comments will be moderated  for their content to the best of the administrators ability, and will be removed from Fallen Earth Bloggers immediately if they are deemed abusive or inappropriate.

If you have any comments or suggestions about Fallen Earth Bloggers, or if you wish to report any site issues or inappropriate posts, please leave your comments below.


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