Kingman Prison – Downing Casta Gaunt with the Wolves

The other night I was doing missions in and around Old Kingman, when the howl came out from my fellow wolves to assist in the felling of Casta Gaunt, the master up in Old Kingman Prison. (By the way, I’m in the Vista clan, Wolves of War)

kingman prison
So I naturally joined up, since group combat has come to be one of my favorite things to do in FE and I’d run this before. All together 7 wolves assembled to venture into the prison, lvls ranging from 13-15. We waited a good 30 minutes for everyone to get ready, inventory cleared, ammo and armor kits stocked, etc. We were, perhaps, overly cautious in the beginning, methodically making our way up the hill to the prison in a tight pack, while picking off hostiles. Having run Casta before, I was not too concerned and went running about on my horse picking up scavenge, but I wouldn’t dare decry strategic discipline that would help us survive within. And I do believe this beginning to end discipline & patience is why we were so successful, with only 3 deaths, one on each boss. Continue reading


Chronicles of Cujo Gasket

I’m announcing the newest addition to the FEB team, me!

Let me tell you a little about my background before I start expounding on my wasteland expoits. I’ve been playing an mmo religiously for the past 6 or so years. I got started with Earth and Beyond, a now defunct game from EA that was a predecessor to EVE, and when that well ran dry, I spent most of my time playing WoW. I know! Ewww. I must be a total loser and not know a quality mmo if one hit hit me on the head. But before you write me off as a noob for making three lvl80s and regularly attending weekend raids to get no loot, hear me out! I was debating between SWG or WoW and since about 5 of my RL friends were already on WoW, it was a no brainer and I never looked back. I am now completely sick of WoW. I can’t even stand to pvp with my epic geared enhance shammy that melts faces… sadness. Onwards and upwards! I always say.

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