Interested in Video Blogs?

Just a quick blog to guage any interest there may be from existing or prospective Fallen Earth players in viewing video content on the site? Baltar is considering a few video guides to certain mechanics in game, and this is something we could encourage other bloggers to do to.

Let us know in the comments if you’d be interested in us video blogging, and what you’d like to see video blogged.


Need community site links!

I’m looking to build a nice collection of links to other sites so that visitors here can be directed to the excellent resources popping up throughout the community. Please leave any of your fansite/blog/database links in the comments below and I’ll add them! A link back to Fallen Earth Bloggers would be rather awesome too! 😉


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Fallen Earth Bloggers live!

Well I’ve spent the better part of the late morning/early afternoon getting the site thrown together using a blog, and I’m happy to say that things are now ready to go. I just need to get into Photoshop to produce a better header image for the site; I’ll do that later today.

Yesterday evening, while downloading the Open Beta client, I sat and thought about how I’d like to keep a journal of my experiences during Open Beta and beyond in Fallen  Earth, but then it also dawned on me that others may want to do so to.

Now, I have my own personal blog elsewhere on the ‘net, but I don’t want to pollute that with pages and pages of gaming talk; I’m sure many other personal blog owners would agree with me.

So, Fallen Earth Bloggers is here as a vehicle for new and existing players to keep a written record of their experiences, thoughts and opinions for everyone to read and discuss. The goal is to have a community group-ran blog packed full of regularly updated player journals, and any support from the community would be welcome!

If you’d like to become a contributor to the blog, then head over to


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Fallen Earth Bloggers